WE MUST fight

just because an election was lost, stolen or over does not mean the fight ends. No one ever loses until they give up and we certainly aren’t willing to concede America to the left. If anything this past election has proven is that WE need to fight harder, implore different strategies and not be meek in our approach. We must work every day to expose the average American to what the liberal left is doing, their agenda and the sheer insanity of it all. Patriot Grounds believes that the most effect tool we have is the power of the people and those who spread honest information to the general public via social media. The only weapon we have to fight the dishonest mainstream media is Social Media Warriors. We must support those who are on the frontlines of this fight. Joe Biden often spoke about how he is fighting for the sole of America… He is fighting for the sole, to steal it, destroy it and forever change it. Biden’s vision of what America should be is insane, demonic and chaotic.

The reason the fight MUST GO ON is because if the world loses America, the world will forever be lost and our children and for generations to come will be in a dark and terrible place. I / we will continue this fight until we no longer can. We realize that the 2020 election caused an enormous amount of pain, skepticism and disbelief in the countries politics but we need to use that as fuel to fight harder, not to give up. Join us in this fight.


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