Make a Difference

We all MUST stand up and make a difference. It is no longer good enough to just go and vote. Voting isn’t enough, not nearly enough to save America and the world. America is the last ground of hope on this planet, as America goes so does the world. Conservatives lost the Presidential election because we individually didn’t do enough. We are all to blame for Joe Biden s’somehow fraudulently being elected. We allowed our Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, children, friends, co-workers and others to either vote against Trump or not vote at all because he offended someone. We need to let the world know that sometimes people are going to get offended and that they should not prioritize their feelings over their needs. When our kids want to do something that we know is not in their best interest, we don’t parent with a concern for their feeling we parent for a concern of their well being. We need to focus on the well being of this great nation.

The most important thing to do is rid the Republican party of RINO’s. RINO’s are the most destructive force infesting the conservative movement. We need to identify and work tirelessly to expel those who aren’t willing to fight for all the principles of true conservatives.

YOU NEED to do everything you can to get every conservative elected to every office from Dog Catcher to President and that is going to take work, effort and money. You need to to commit to not just voting yourself but dragging 3 others to the polls to vote conservative. You need to persuade, convince, flip or encourage 3 unlikely conservative voters. Do whatever you can to expand the conservative voting block. We need to get the marginal voters, the occasional voters, the young voters, the disengaged voters, the who cares voters and anyone else. We need to be relentless in our conversations and our openness to show we are conservatives. We MUST no longer be the silent majority fearful of what people are going to think about us or who we may offend. I certainly don’t care what my children’s friends parents think about how I raise my kids and I shouldn’t care what anyone thinks about how I believe this country should be run, because I love my kids and America both more than others opinions.

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