Illegal Immigration EXPEDITION

Expedition to the Border

America NEEDS to know the TRUTH about what is going on at the border. Patriot Grounds is sponsoring a mission of TRUTH to expose the catastrophe of immigration that the BIDEN administration is allowing and even perpetuating. Patriot Grounds is helping fund the TRUTH EXPEDITION with the help of generous donors who are supporting America thru Social Media Warriors. We are sending a TEAM of Social Media Influencers with Millions of followers and the ability to expose America to the tragedy. Since the Mainstream Media won’t report the TRUTH so we are engaging a TEAM of Social Media Influencers across all platforms (facebook, youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok and more). Anything will help even $10, PLEASE HELP US IN OUR FIGHT. CLICK the LINK and help EXPOSE the TRUTH to AMERICA…

“The true Enemy of the People,” Trump said in a tweet, “must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly.”

President Donald J. Trump

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